Jan 22, 2009


The Oscar nominations for 2009 have come and Rahman has stolen the Lion's share of it. Two of his pieces (O Saya and Jai Ho) have been nominated for Best Original Song along with Wall-E and he has a third nomination for the category of Best Original Score. He is sure to win the Oscar for the former while he is a strong favorite for the Score. People have been talking a lot if Rahman is or is not of 'International Standard' and this should comprehensively answer (silence) them. And he truly deserves it.

He has already started to receive offers from Hollywood. Hope his contributions to Tamil films dont drop drastically. But its also time that he sets forth beyond the confines of 6-songs-per-movie package. Probably, musical albums would give him the artistic freedom he desires and requires to realize the full potential of his abilities instead of creating music for the Directors requirement. Advanced congrats to the Genius as Chennai and India get set to begin celebrating.\

P.S: I dont really care about the movie. All bollywood based movies are trash without prejudice.


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