Feb 24, 2009

சட்டம் தன் கடமையை செய்யும்

அட ஆபிசர்களா! உங்க கடமை உணர்வுக்கு ஒரு அளவே இல்லையாடா?


இதுல என்ன பெருமை?


Feb 23, 2009

Vaalga thamil

It was a real goosebump moment when AR Rahman won the Oscar. I was over the moon when he said 'எல்லாப்புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே'. But what might escape the viewers is the fact that he said ' I want to say something in Thamizh' and not Tamil. Simple matter, considering the fact that everyone is accustomed to saying and writing 'Tamil' when speaking in English (and especially when addressing a foreign audience), but still......


Feb 22, 2009

The Imminent $Crisis$

Here is a follow-up to my earlier post on the Dollar crisis. Scary but not at all impossible.


Feb 21, 2009

Any one who thinks Slumdog Millionaire is better than The Dark Knight deserves capital punishment for retarded thinking, the failure of which has resulted in the former being nominated for the Best Picture category while the latter is not even nominated. And if SM pips TDK in even one of the categories of Best Cinematography or Best Film Editing then you know I am right.

Even in the categories of Sound Mixing and Sound Editing The Dark Knight is better. But TDK was eeriely marvellous whereas SM provided the American audience with the refreshingly exotic and nothing more which makes it better according to them but not for me. The Dark Knight deserves Oscars for atleast 4 categories, but the Academy Award voters are prone to be nuts.
P.S.: Add to this my conspiracy thoery of how a movie based on India is nominated purely to attract the large base of Indian viewers to watch all the Awards shows (and thus increasing the TRP ratings) and you get the full idea. It is all the same, like how an Indian 'beauty' inevitably ends up in the top 3 of the Miss Word paegents of late.

P.S.2: Have been thinking about this. How come this movie is superior to Jeans, the pathetic romantic movie directed by Shankar and sent for Oscar consideration by our Indian Govt.? Jeans also showed the story of 'hope', blah blah blah happening in US which appeared exotic to most of the audience at that time. My argument is that this movie (Slumdog Millionaire ) appeals to the American audience the same way. No story but lots of appeal. For the Indians you have to show nice skyscrapers, flashy suits, neat roads and they will buy it (atleast that was how it was). For the Americans you have to show utter poverty, destitute, chidlren with bloated stomachs fighting for food packets, tenements alongside sewers. Basically, people like seeing in movies what they dont experience in reality.


Shoot at Sight

The violence that erupted at Madras High Court is a prime example of the law & order breakdown that is becoming all too common in India nowadays. It is also a classic case of political parties toying with people like puppets by inducing them to think on the lines of caste/language/religion resulting in 'factionism' which the political parties utilize for their own propaganda.

Seriously, did these people behave like advocates? Look at their unruly behavior. Do they appear like educated people who studied law and have the roles of upholding it? Don't they realize that advocates have as equal a responsibility like the Police and Doctors and other essential service providers to keep the society running like a well-oiled machine? There are so many issues that require attention and legal support in the court. There are so many issues to fight for in this society. But somebody called some one by a derogatory name 'referring to a SC/ST' and immediately the entire battalion assembled at the High Court unite as a single force and indulge in violence; that too inside the court. Don't these people have any qualms?

Then, the buses. For a long time the public transportation buses have been at the receiving end of any form of sectarian violence. I consider this the ultimate form of indiscipline and law & order breakdown. What rights do any one person or a group has to destroy even a small piece of public property, leave a lone a bus, just to show their support for a cause or their misguided solidarity or protest? Whenever a bus is torched because some idiots think this will show how important they are, I wish the police had the courage and the permission to shoot these people instead of trying to chase them away or arrest them and remand them in custody and then finally releasing them due to pressure from political parties. In this context, for once, I fully support the Police Department.

P.S: On a not so entirely unrelated note, I really wish that nothing happens to Karunanidhi when DMK is still in rule. Otherwise the demise of KK would be heralded as a national calamity by the corrupt DMK party cadres. Weeks of mourning would be declared, statues would be installed even in the airport runways, roads and areas would be renamed under his name and the most misused symbol of public property - the buses, would be broken or even burnt. Chennai would become a city marred by riots because the ruling party's chief died of natural causes. So let's all pray for the well being of KK for the next 3 years.


Feb 17, 2009

East is East and West is West but all the politicians are the same

Hmm. The recession has caused many an opinion to be reformed. While the suave American politicians, with their hypocritical stance of refusing to approve the 'new' stimulus bill on the grounds that it constituted wasteful spending, reemphasized the fact that politicians everywhere are the same whether they wear a Dhoti or a suit, their Indian counterparts have now begun to portray sense of togetherness in a hitherto unseen fashion albeit temporarily.


Feb 14, 2009

அதென்ன சார் சம்பவம்?

Kamal asks this in Aboorva Sagodharargal when Janakaraj (the police inspector) keeps accusing Kamal of being involved in that 'சம்பவம்' (incident) without actually ever telling him what that 'சம்பவம்' is.

Similar has been the case with the dilly dallying by the Governments of India and Pakistan. While Pakistan kept claiming that perpetrators of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai were 'non-state actors', India still keeps urging Pakistan to take things to their 'logical conclusion'.

Why is the Indian Government afraid to openly state the steps it expects Pakistan to execute? If you keep telling them to take things to their 'logical conclusion' they will continue saying 'that they cannot act without further evidence'. Both Pakistan and India would endlessly argue that they do not know what the 'logical conclusions' should be or that 'there has been sufficient evidence given' respectively.

Successfully this issue has been politicized, pushed under the carpets and slowly being forgotten by everyone, just like things have been in the past.


Feb 9, 2009

Oft used and abused words

Recession, global crisis, economic cycle, foreclosure, lay off, jumped off the cliff, nosedive, plummet, jobless claims, spiraling, bankruptcy, chapter 11, market crash, consumer & investor confidence, stimulus plan, bailout, debt, deficit etc - I am sick of these words and phrases.They should be banned from usage for an year.


Feb 8, 2009

The Dollar Crisis

I was referred to this excellent speech on Global market and the prevailing scenario with particular focus on the skewed importance associated with the US dollar. The video goes on for about an hour but I actually found the speech captivating enough for me to watch it at a single go. You might too.


Feb 5, 2009

Moral overseers

India does not need terrorists from outside. Really. These chest-thumping self-proclaimed upholders of ideals of a Hindu nation must be rounded off and deposed in Pakistan border and forced to fight with the intruding terrorists. Instead they go around causing nuisance to the public.
அவனவனுக்கு ஆயிரம் கவலை. எலாத்தையும் விட்டுட்டு வந்துட்டாங்க பெருசா


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