Oct 29, 2008

Gavaskar is rather irritating at times with his stupid comments and fanatic denouncement of anything Aussie, but I am sure there are times when we can silently chuckle at his antics as the Australians deserve their own medicine too and he is the only one bold enough to give it back without inhibitions. 

Just the way one would hate Subramaniyam Swamy and still smile in silent approval of his skirmishes.


Oct 21, 2008


I guess it is going to be a monumental day for ISRO with the countdown for the launch of PSLV C11 carrying Chandrayaan already begun. This is one live event I am not going to miss for sure. ISRO is all set to broadcast it in its website. Hope all goes well.


Dont whine.  What happens on the field stays on the field!!


Oct 19, 2008

Self Realization

One interesting about the current market crisis is the realization by the American society of their extravagant spending ways, something which the 'Rest of the World' always grumbled about in the past and points out as a reason for the downfall now.

But what is more interesting is the sudden interest evinced by the media in the paycheck of all CEOs and their property holdings. A report on CNN called these CEOs of Wall Street firms as 'Fat Cats' who drew salaries that are 500 times that of an average American (whereas the ratio was supposed to have been 25:1 a few decades back). Further, the reporter covered a party in Manhattan attended by many Wall Street operators. Wordings used by the reporter as well as the inevitable discussions by a panel included 'amazement', 'furious', splurge', 'flowing drinks' to describe the party which to me did not appear to be any different that has been covered by the American media in the past. But this one makes them furious and hurts them because of the back drop of the crisis.

It is very funny to suddenly see this nation point fingers at top level CEOs for amassing wealth and their self-indulgence, when that defines the very fabric of the American society.


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