Aug 19, 2010

What most of us do is complain, fume, rant, write a blog post (the lazier ones just tweet) when we experience the lumbering behemoth that is our Indian system of governance and politics. But we can verala vuttu ennify the number of people who actually do something about it. Here is one person I can at least have the pleasure of claiming to know who went that extra mile.


Aug 8, 2010

Short Films

Recently, I came across a slew of short films most of which were part of this show called Naalaiya Iyakunar in Kalaignar TV (yes, even they make some watchable shows apparently). Many of them were impressive. The way the amateurs have packed some concept within 10minutes is highly commendable. Some are light hearted, some deal with the kind of emotions only Indians can empathize with, some deal with a social message and some pack a real punch. Great stuff.


Aug 6, 2010

A lucky friend of mine is moving to California tomorrow. Dammit, I am so jealous as he has already started taunting me about the better place, weather blah blah etc. Ok, back to my dreary life now.


Aug 1, 2010

What a karuvaad!!
Caught this screenshot during the pre-movie ads from a local desi theater.


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