Feb 14, 2009

அதென்ன சார் சம்பவம்?

Kamal asks this in Aboorva Sagodharargal when Janakaraj (the police inspector) keeps accusing Kamal of being involved in that 'சம்பவம்' (incident) without actually ever telling him what that 'சம்பவம்' is.

Similar has been the case with the dilly dallying by the Governments of India and Pakistan. While Pakistan kept claiming that perpetrators of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai were 'non-state actors', India still keeps urging Pakistan to take things to their 'logical conclusion'.

Why is the Indian Government afraid to openly state the steps it expects Pakistan to execute? If you keep telling them to take things to their 'logical conclusion' they will continue saying 'that they cannot act without further evidence'. Both Pakistan and India would endlessly argue that they do not know what the 'logical conclusions' should be or that 'there has been sufficient evidence given' respectively.

Successfully this issue has been politicized, pushed under the carpets and slowly being forgotten by everyone, just like things have been in the past.


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