Feb 21, 2009

Any one who thinks Slumdog Millionaire is better than The Dark Knight deserves capital punishment for retarded thinking, the failure of which has resulted in the former being nominated for the Best Picture category while the latter is not even nominated. And if SM pips TDK in even one of the categories of Best Cinematography or Best Film Editing then you know I am right.

Even in the categories of Sound Mixing and Sound Editing The Dark Knight is better. But TDK was eeriely marvellous whereas SM provided the American audience with the refreshingly exotic and nothing more which makes it better according to them but not for me. The Dark Knight deserves Oscars for atleast 4 categories, but the Academy Award voters are prone to be nuts.
P.S.: Add to this my conspiracy thoery of how a movie based on India is nominated purely to attract the large base of Indian viewers to watch all the Awards shows (and thus increasing the TRP ratings) and you get the full idea. It is all the same, like how an Indian 'beauty' inevitably ends up in the top 3 of the Miss Word paegents of late.

P.S.2: Have been thinking about this. How come this movie is superior to Jeans, the pathetic romantic movie directed by Shankar and sent for Oscar consideration by our Indian Govt.? Jeans also showed the story of 'hope', blah blah blah happening in US which appeared exotic to most of the audience at that time. My argument is that this movie (Slumdog Millionaire ) appeals to the American audience the same way. No story but lots of appeal. For the Indians you have to show nice skyscrapers, flashy suits, neat roads and they will buy it (atleast that was how it was). For the Americans you have to show utter poverty, destitute, chidlren with bloated stomachs fighting for food packets, tenements alongside sewers. Basically, people like seeing in movies what they dont experience in reality.


Mambalam Mani February 23, 2009 at 8:04:00 PM EST  

As Indians we all should collectively jump in the well because one of the interviewers at the Oscar's Red Carpet show said somebody told him that Anil Kapoor was the George Clooney of India

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