Jan 9, 2009

The Evidence

India has submitted a dossier to Pakistan that includes evidence of Pakistani nationals' (or non-state actors as Zardari puts it) involvement in the 'latest episode' of terrorist attacks on Mumbai. I am yet to read the full text as it has content for about 69 pages, but I am sure it will have lots of interesting information which the (Indian) media would have deliberately not brought to its viewers' & readers' attention for the lack of sensationalism in it.

Meanwhile, the Indian Govt miserably failed to capitalize on a classic PR opportunity. Had the US Govt released any such dossier (Though it never needs to convince anybody on anything. If nations dont listen they are sanctimoniously invaded) it would have had a nice thesis-like topic that would say something like "Results of the Investigative probe on terrorist attacks on Mumbai abetted by Pakistan - A CIA report". This would probably preceded by a sheet that had multiple Government seals and symbols on it. Even our Captain Vijayakanth would have come up with this idea. I wonder if there were any such pages in the original document but which were edited from the release that was publicized.

Anyway, I am not going to comment on how probably the PMO ordered a local Thaluk office to type the dossier. I could not find any other explanation for the text to be printed on a semi transperent, low quality paper and subsequently given to Star or Student Xerox for a spiral binding.


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