Jan 15, 2009

Finally, some clarity in thought...

It is highly amazing that a dignitary from a nation that was in cahoots with the US on the alleged 'War on terror' could have such clarity of thought. Even more amazing is the fact that he has openly come out with such clear headed statements.
The British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said that phrase 'War on terror' was misleading. Furthermore, he adds that 'terrorism was not invented or started on 9/11. But since then the notion of a “war on terror” has defined the terrain.'
Here is another excerpt from his statements: The call for a “war on terror” was a call to arms, an attempt to build solidarity by portraying a fight against a single shared enemy.....the foundation for solidarity between people and nations should be based on the values they shared instead of who they are against. The notion of a war on terror gave the impression of a unified, transnational enemy, embodied in the figure of Osama Bin Laden and the organisation of Al-Qaeda. In fact, as India has long known, the forces of violent extremism remain diverse. Terrorism is a deadly tactic, not an institution or an ideology.
It always feels good to say 'I told you so'.


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