Sep 16, 2009

There is this story about you declining a nightwatchman, where you said you were not an able batsman if you couldn't last 25 balls at the end of the day. Is that true?
It is true. What is the difference between batting at the end of the day or at the start? If you make a mistake you'll get out. So I don't think a batsman really needs a nightwatchman, but it is totally an individual decision. Whenever a captain or coach asked me for a nightwatchman I would say, "No, why? If I can't survive 10 or 20 balls now, then I don't think I'll survive tomorrow morning." I believe that's the best time when you have the opportunity to score runs, when everybody on the field is tired and you can score 20 runs off those 20 balls.

Sehwag reveals his mindset in an interview to Cricinfo. Nobody can keep things simple in cricket as much as Sehwag does. There was another interview of Sehwag which was full of many such nuggets that make you wonder at the genius that is buried beneath the flippant exterior. Watch out for the second part of this interview.


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