May 29, 2010

First look of the Semmozhi video for the Ulaga Thamizh Maanadu. Impressive track from Rahman, though I feel it has a much more contemporary feel to it than it should have in terms of the instrument used as well as the singers. Especially considering the fact that the conference is meant to serve as a point of discussion on the 'thamizh kalaacharam' (that includes the contemporary relevance of literary pieces such as Tholkaapiyam & Thirukkural) and spreading awareness to the current diaspora).

Gowtham Menon has tried to do a Mile Sur Mera Thumhara with the video but there lacks a distinct flow to it. I have no idea why Shruthi Hassan and Blaaze are even there in the video.

But anyhow...


dandilsa,  May 30, 2010 at 4:32:00 PM EDT  

I loved it! A lot of my favorite singers, and I think ARR has blended in all the styles and counterpoints beautifully. I think Shruthi Hassan and Blaaze are there to represent the youths and contemporary tamizh kalacharam :P Any idea who the other rap singer is?

Mambalam Mani June 1, 2010 at 10:07:00 AM EDT  

If Blaaze & Shruti Hassan are representatives of contemporary tamizh kalacharam, then as thalaivar said in 1996, "Ini kadavule vandhaalum Thamizh naata kaapatha mudiyaadhu" :P

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