Nov 4, 2008

The Hype Masters

American media is chronically prone to sensationalizing everything right from McCain's morning coffee schedule. Every year, there would inevitably be a football game that would be declared as the Game of the century and I dont know how many games of the century we can have in a century.
Similarly, there is another claim that the undergoing election is historical and of unprecedented importance. I am sure it is easy to excite people about something that is happening or going to happen than something that happened 4 years back, but I strongly believe that the 'election of unprecedented importance' happened 4 years back and not the current one. Because it paved the way for another 4 years of Bush's presidency leading to invasion of Iraq, dumping of hundreds of billions of dollars in invasion (I refuse to call it War) and creating a conducive climate for the recession to occur. Had Bush not won, things would have different a long way and the economy would have been better off and the current election would not have gained such prominence (though the media would have found something to talk about it).


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