Jun 8, 2008

Being generous in assistance

Is the concept of International aid more of a protocol nowadays than an actual humanitarian act? For example, India has given $5million aid to China as a relief for their earthquake victims. Now broadly speaking, I am sure the $5 million would not be a big issue for the Chinese Government. Had this been given to some African country to which this amount would matter more then it would make sense.

On a note aside, India refused International aid from countries such as US, UK and France when Tsunami hit the Indian sub-continent. At that time, people from those countries went to the extent of declaring India as arrogant for refusing to accept their aid and some stated that India wanted to display its economic self sufficiency to the world more than anything else by that act of refusal.

It would be more useful for the recipient country (the likes of India, China etc.,) to get support like trained rescue teams than to have monetary aid stuffed down their throats.


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