Mar 19, 2008

Tamil Cinema's loss

My first post in a long time - unfortunately an obituary. I was doing my routine 'check' on when they had a set of pictures titles 'Raghuvaran laid to rest'. Knowing the standards of their articles, I assumed that these pictures were the stills from a movie. Half way through I saw Actress Revathi among the crowd and realized it was real. Funny, that his death did not receive much media coverage. He really looked older than his actual age in his last movie 'Bheema' and it was obvious that it was not due to any make-up.

He was a talented actor who towered above his colleagues, not just because of his physical stature but also due to his acting prowess. He had his unique style and mannerisms. Some like it and some do not. Some people perceive him as an actor who lacks variety, though I would say it is his standard style adapted to different scenarios that makes him appealing to the audience.

Some of his performances including the "I know" scene will stand in the memory of myself as well as Tamil cinema lovers forever. Here is to the one who enthralled us for more than two decades.


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