Oct 30, 2007

A Remarkable Man

Any average television viewer would recognize the face of this man. He has survived extremes of temperatures, stood in hostile environments, followed almost all the animal species in the world and talked about almost everything that constitutes life in the ecosystem. Sir David Attenborough, the eminent naturalist and popular television personality exudes a boyish enthusiasm that quickly captures the attention of the viewers, as he takes them on a journey that reveals many fascinating and unknown aspects of the natural world.
He was awarded the Special Recognition Award on October 2006 at the National Television Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. The video shows clippings from some of his works and has a few personalities talking about his commitment and interest in the field.

His works are spectacular not only in their videography but also in the way it showcases the life on earth in a new dimension that commands respects for it from the viewers. The main reason he captures the interest of the viewers is due to his realistic presentation. Unlike the stoic narrations found in most of the wildlife videos in which the narrator just lends his voice from behind the camera in an impassive way, Sir Attenborough explores the natural world with a boyish enthusiasm that any other person would feel when witnessing a marvel of the natural world, thus making himself endeared to the viewer.
Update: If the above video captures your interest, do see the second part of the Awards and this magnificent moment from one of his episodes, rated as one of his all time best moments.


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