Jul 1, 2007

Hocking Hills

I went with friends to Hocking Hills on June 30, 2007. Its a huge forest reserve in Hocking county with lots of tourist attractions like lakes, river, caves and waterfalls. It is a very famous camping spot too.
We first went to the Old Man's Cave. The cave is formed by a monstrous rock overhanging from a cliff. There were a couple of waterfalls and some streams. Tunnels were carved through some rocks to provide passage. The fresh air coupled with the greenery was exhilarating.We next stopped at Nelsonville, a small town. We went on a tourist train which took us 11 miles to the north of Nelsonville and then turned back and took us to a recreated village called Robbins Crossing, a few miles south of Nelsonville. People were indulging in activities like real villagers did back in the 1800s.
Our final halt for the day was for canoeing. If someone asks me what is the wildest thing I have done so far, this is it. I agree this is nothing compared to a white water ride or bungee jumping, but this has been my first experience in the realms of adventure sport. I went in a canoe with 1 guy. 3 were in another canoe. We started at about 8 PM. The water was on an average 2 feet deep in the river and on some stretches were 4 to 5 feet deep, but no more than that. We were first going in circles unable to control the canoe. Often we ran aground on the banks or rammed onto protruding rocks or fallen trees. After half an hour we got the hang of it.
Soon we were paddling past many people, most of whom were couples enjoying the moonlight. No such luck for me though. Soon it was pitch dark and we were not able to see anything and we were a bit afraid but soon got over it. After rowing for 5 miles we reached our final post. The canoe owners had lit a bonfire and served us marshmallows and different wines.
It was a memorable experience on the whole.


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